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Product Development

Collaboration and problem solving are more important than following a specific process or procedure.

Engineering (DevOps)

XP (eXtreme Programming) is an Agile Engineering practice that focuses on technical excellence and Agile processes.

Scaling Scrum

Scrum is now being used around the World as a strategic framework to deliver complex software projects scale up your product development organisation and to transform your entire organisation.

Leadership & Organisation Transformation

What is Agile and Agility and how do you implement a transition to Agile and “WHY” given the cultural context in which we operate, our economic and financial challenges, operating models in the work place

We ❤️ London. We ❤️ Scrum.

London is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world and a financial capital at the centre of the World Financial market. London is also home to a vast number of companies using Agile practices and the Scrum process. This event provides a unique opportunity where individuals and organizations gather together to share their stories and network as a community. Scrum is all about people. Our speakers have volunteered to share their story to help others achieve success with their Scrum & Agile journey. has been organising and running Scrum Day London (Soon to be Scrum Day UK).

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Conference Speakers
Get to know the great speakers for Scrum Day London 2020!
Dave West
CEO & PO of
Ade Shokoya
Agile Consultant & Coach
Artur Margonari-1
Artur Margonari
Agile Coach & Trainer
ralph jocham-1
Ralph Jocham
Agile Coach & Trainer
Andrew Brown-1
Andrew Brown
Memory – How its failures and distortions influence retrospective.
Oliver Szimmetat
Continuous Improvement(Kaizen) & Cyber Security.
Martin Hinshelwood
DevOps & Scrum Consultant.
Abhigya Pokharel
Agile for All – Transformation from a Teko’s Lens.
Chris Lukassen
Product Leadership lessons from the Samurai.
Christine Thompson
Becoming Agile: Transitioning to Transformation.
Ahmet Akdag
Traditional to an Agile Garage Setup in 3 months with 120 people.
Sabine Khan
Sabine Khan
Scaling Organizations with a Coaching Army.
Agile Business Consortium Conference 2018
Giles Lindsay
9 Dysfunctions of Genuine Agile.
Evelien Roos
5 ways to boost your Scrum.
Kimberley Miller
Turn HR into an EX (employee experience).
Claire Donald
MOOTopia – Adapting the Spotify Model at MOO.
Berrak Yenal
Traditional to an Agile Garage Setup in 3 months with 120 people.
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Dave West
CEO & PO of

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